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Reimagining user interaction and engagement in educational apps

"Things are in a really good place. xDesign’s team did a fantastic job wrapping up the Android work - we are impressed. This has been a very strong effort by the team, and we would welcome working with them again.”

The story

BBC Bitesize is a leading educational app in the UK, trusted by schools nationwide. With the aim to innovate and enhance its digital services, the BBC sought our expertise in app development. We were tasked with expediting the delivery of the Bitesize app, focusing on the critical stages of its development.

What we created



Our partnership with the BBC on the Bitesize app was grounded in a shared vision of innovation. Leveraging our technical skills in iOS Objective-C and Kotlin, we took a strategic approach to agile development. This collaboration allowed us to effectively guide the implementation of new features, ensuring the delivery of a cutting-edge educational tool. Our shared commitment to innovation not only enriched the app's functionality but also set new benchmarks in the realm of digital education tools.



Focusing on major phases in the app's development, our Augmented Agile Delivery Team worked seamlessly with the BBC's project management team. This collaboration enabled us to prepare the app for a successful launch, ensuring all new functionalities were integrated smoothly. Our coordinated efforts ensured that every aspect of the app's development was executed with a fine balance of technical acumen and project management finesse, resulting in an exceptionally refined product.



Unlike previous BBC projects that relied heavily on external outsourcing, our involvement went beyond mere development. Our relationship with the BBC was deeply interactive, marked by a continuous exchange of insights and creative ideas. This collaborative spirit was not confined to the short term either; it was a strategic move to equip the BBC team for ongoing development and future maintenance challenges. Our partnership was a testament to the power of collaborative dynamics in fostering long-term success and innovation in digital service development.



Recognising the potential surge in demand for the app, we introduced an Augmented Engineering Strategy. This strategic move was designed to provide the BBC with extensive support, extending well beyond the app's launch. It encompassed immediate, on-demand technical assistance, ensuring the BBC team was never left unsupported. Our strategy was comprehensive, focusing not just on immediate needs but also on facilitating a smooth transition for the BBC team into the app’s operational and maintenance phases, thus securing its long-term success and adaptability.

Key outcomes

- Efficient delivery of critical phases of the BBC Bitesize app, enhancing user experience and functionality. - Deployment of an Augmented Agile Delivery Team, streamlining the development process for timely project completion. - Fostered a collaborative partnership with the BBC, equipping its team for future app development and maintenance. - Initiated an Augmented Engineering Strategy for robust post-launch support, ensuring app stability and scalability.

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