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Transforming service delivery with a ground-breaking digital management system

“xDesign has been a partner of choice for us for over seven years, and in that time they have led the development of two systems that have transformed our business process and client engagement.”

The story

Ground Control, the largest UK-based grounds maintenance company, has been providing essential winter maintenance services to over 50,000 commercial properties. With a history dating back to 1973, the company recognised the need to move away from its traditional paper-based proof of delivery system. This system, while functional, was becoming increasingly outdated. Ground Control wanted a more modern, efficient, and scalable solution to manage its vast array of services and client interactions more effectively.

What we created

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Our initial step in transforming Ground Control's operations involved an in-depth analysis of its existing service delivery processes. By identifying key areas that required enhancement, we were able to tailor our approach effectively. This led to the creation of a cloud-based web react management application, which was not just a tool but a pivot towards modernisation, integrating seamlessly with the Met Office weather prediction system. This integration enabled the generation of work based on various parameters, such as snow and ice forecasts, which revolutionised how Ground Control responded to weather-related service demands.



In our quest to streamline Ground Control’s operations, we developed bespoke native apps for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps were equipped with advanced features - such as GPS tracking, workflow mapping, and real-time service delivery confirmations. This not only enhanced the efficiency of the operatives’ processes but also introduced a new level of automation in invoicing, reducing administrative burdens significantly. The introduction of these apps marked a significant step in digitising Ground Control's field operations, offering an agile and responsive tool to meet the dynamic needs of its service delivery.

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A key component of our solution was the overhaul of Ground Control’s reporting system. Our newly implemented system provided comprehensive pre-and-post service reports, enriching the customer experience with unprecedented transparency. Customers now had access to detailed accounts of services rendered, accompanied by proof of delivery, a feature that was previously lacking. This transformation in reporting practices not only bolstered customer trust but also positioned Ground Control as an industry leader in customer communication, setting a new standard in service accountability and transparency.

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Our work with Ground Control ventured into the optimisation of its financial processes. By integrating a robust finance and customer credit control system with the company’s existing finance framework, we initiated a significant reduction in its reliance on paper-based systems. This strategic enhancement not only streamlined financial reporting and invoice management but also tightened credit control through an API-linked internal client data management system. The impact was profound, reducing end-of-season debtors by over 75% and markedly boosting credit control efficiency, thus reinforcing Ground Control’s financial robustness.

Key outcomes

- Transformed service delivery with a comprehensive digital system, enhancing efficiency and customer trust. - Enabled business expansion without increasing staff overheads. - Significantly reduced end-of-season debtors and improved credit control through optimised financial processes.

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