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Getting more new clients to their ‘first pour’

“We partnered with xDesign to innovate, prototype and build an exciting new digital product for our customers.”

“The team have been a pleasure to work with and essential in helping guide our vision and work through our processes to produce an excellent user experience and design.”

The story

Heineken is a Dutch, multinational brewing company that was established in 1864. It owns over 2.5k pubs in the UK and supplies thousands more establishments with its range of beers and ciders. The company came to xDesign looking to explore the idea that a more digital and connected onboarding experience would reduce drop-off rates and speed up new client onboarding - getting them to that all-important ‘first pour’ quickly and efficiently.

What we created

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We embarked on a rapid but thorough discovery process with Heineken which was designed to uncover and validate possible solutions, and help it to think more critically about ideas before taking them beyond the boardroom to clients. We listened to its plans, challenges, and goals, and we worked with it to refine and enhance its ideas; sharing best practices whilst aiding innovation. As a result, we developed the blueprint for a truly bespoke solution.

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Gathering first-hand insight from Heineken’s customers was a critical step in developing the right solution. We tested a prototype and gleaned feedback from a large number of internal and external sources - including from the publicans and account managers who would eventually be using the new solution. All insight was fed into our cross-functional team of engineers and designers who developed a working prototype.



As a result of our discovery and prototyping work, we were quickly able to provide Heineken with a new strategic direction and roadmap for the type of solution it actually needed - one that put the needs of account managers front and centre. Based on our recommendations, we provided a full breakdown of technical dependencies and requirements, and a detailed development plan that Heineken ultimately chose us to deliver.



We recognised that a project of this kind would need an agile approach to delivery in order to ensure timescales could be met, cost efficiencies achieved, and team engagement kept high. To get the client on board, we shared our prototype along with a validation report and strategy documentation. We were successful and as a result, the company approved a six-figure budget for product development and delivery.



From the sales deal to delivery logistics, H&S audits and credit checks – there are dozens of steps that must be taken to ensure that a pub pours the perfect pint, and the process begins long before a customer ever orders a drink. To meet Heineken’s needs we developed an onboarding platform built to support account managers every step of the way - a vital tool that has maximised efficiency, reduced onboarding drop off rates, and helped the brand to seize opportunities that might have been lost due to the previous system’s flaws. The product was so successful that it even won an award at Heineken’s Global Innovation Showcase.

Key outcomes

- Provided a new strategic approach for the type of digital product needed - one which ultimately led to a better product and outcome for the client. - We proved to the client that innovation and an Agile approach could thrive in a large multinational company and took the project from validated prototype to end delivery in just a few months. - Developed a truly exceptional product that won an award at the Heineken Global Innovation showcase.

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