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Empowering on-the-go personal bankers with real-time information at the touch of a button

The story

Rothschild & Co is a multinational investment bank and elite financial service that’s had a finger on the pulse of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years. With a team of over 3,800 financial specialists operating in more than 40 countries, it is one of the world’s largest independent financial services groups on the planet. Venturing into the mobile sphere for the first time, Rothschild & Co wanted us to empower its employees with access to real-time, accurate client information on the move. The traditional bank envisioned a user-friendly mobile app to streamline data sharing and access for its global team of personal and private bankers. To protect Rothschild’s sensitive client information, integrating the app into its existing IT infrastructure was a key requirement.

What we created



Due to lacking sufficient technical expertise in-house, Rothschild entrusted us to build an app that would protect its sensitive client information. We analysed every possible system integration and determined API dependencies to build a secure environment for the app.



Rothschild’s IT team had heavily invested in the Microsoft Technology Stack and needed a solution that could work alongside it. We created a cross-platform Microsoft Xamarin mobile app that integrated seamlessly with the existing in-house Microsoft CRM. In short, we provided bankers with effortless access to client data from anywhere in the world.



To make accessing data effortless for the bank’s employees, we collaborated with senior partners and stakeholders to understand their needs and daily activities. This allowed us to carry out a smooth implementation plan once the app launched, allowing Rothschild’s bankers to seamlessly integrate it into their daily workflows with minimal interruption.



Integrating the app into Rothschild’s existing CRM modernised its processes while improving its capabilities in multiple areas. In addition to providing powerful access to the bank’s clients, the move strengthened its teams’ communications, dramatically improved data quality, and substantially increased productivity for its employees all over the world.

Key outcomes

- Provided a powerful mobile app that integrates directly with Rothschild & Co’s CRM. - Via the app we bolstered access to the organisation’s personal and private bankers, regardless of location and need. - The app also strengthened the teams’ communications, dramatically improved data quality, and substantially increased productivity. As a result, it’s now used by Rothschild & Co bankers all over the world.

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