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6 ways mobile apps are revolutionising logistics

The logistics industry is one that never sleeps. Companies are shipping products domestically and internationally on a daily basis and consumer expectations continue to change around how they are receiving their products. The likes of Amazon Prime have paved the way in revolutionising logistics with guaranteed next day delivery and the creation of a highly optimised supply chain.

The industry is making some substantial progress in reaping the benefits of new technology advances. In particular, mobile is playing a huge part within companies digital transformation efforts, using mobile apps as a means to facilitate monitoring and management of their workflows and business processes and facilitate better customer engagement and communication.

Mobile apps that perform logistics and track cargo are hugely attractive as it helps logistics companies to substantially reduce costs, increase productivity and ultimately, improve client satisfaction.

Here are some of the ways that mobile apps are revolutionising the logistics industry.

Warehouse and yard management

Allowing goods to be scanned as they are arriving and leaving the warehouse is making it significantly easier to track goods and equipment. This technology allows supervisors to obtain quick real-time access to data through automated logging of ID’s that sync quickly with the main database and reduce the impact of human-error.

Real time GPS tracking

When delivering products, the most important factors are time and destination. Mobile apps enable logistics companies to track and monitor vehicle and fleet tracking through GPS. It allows managers to communicate with drivers and can allow them remote access to the main database. For organisations that have to manage a huge fleet of vehicles on diverse routes, mobile apps are helping to provide real time data about the whereabouts of cargo as well as the fleet.

Process efficiency

Getting cargo from point A to point B requires a lot of paper work and handling. By implementing mobile technology, cumbersome and inefficient paper-based processes can be eradicated entirely with a tech-based paperless solution that enables faster information retrieval, secure access and real-time data management. Instant access to detailed data provides another layer of accuracy when reporting, aside from the time it saves. Forms can be printed or emailed directly from the device and smarter solutions also allow the functionality for signatures, photo attachments and hidden location stamps.

Inventory management

Mobile technologies are revolutionising stock control accuracy with real time data insights. This not only means reducing excess stock in the warehouse but also helps to ensure proper prioritisation of dispatched goods. Proper digitised inventory management can significantly reduce time, costs and manpower. It also allows for optimum utilisation of inventory space and lessens the manual effort and counting of returned goods.

Electronic proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery mobile applications provide businesses and customers with accurate and real time proof of product deliveries, delivery data, signatures and even photographic evidence of delivery. The real time track and trace technologies allows logistics companies to experience more accurate invoice generation which can then help improve workflows, fuel efficiency and better route planning.

Customer servicing solutions

The needs and expectations of your customers are changing. They will expect to digitally track and monitor their shipments and raise queries electronically. A tailor- made customer service mobile application will allow your customers to plan, track and reschedule deliveries. It will also allow them to track the movement of their goods in real time. It is also an incredibly powerful tool for generating customer data for improving customer service. Customers can log complaints and provide feedback to enable you to serve your customers better than ever.

Mobility in logistics is now a MUST

These are only a few of the ways that mobile apps are revolutionising the logistics industry and making it faster, easier and more efficient for logistics organisations to run and also allowing them to ultimately better serve customers and reduce their operating costs.

The biggest benefit of embracing mobile apps in the logistics industry is access to the real time data available to both the cargo company and the end customer. Mobility solutions and apps for logistics is enabling organisations to perform business anywhere, anytime on any device.

Thinking of building an app for logistics? Whether you have a specific idea of what you require or need our help to figure out the best value that mobile apps can deliver your logistics business- we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more.