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A ‘good news week’ at xDesign

By our very nature, we xDesigners are an unassuming bunch. Like the worker bees that we are, our days are often spent head down, producing high-quality work for clients.

In a fortnight of MASSIVE (and largely gloomy) news headlines, we thought we’d break the negative news cycle with some positive vibes.

So, here goes…!

An app for uncertain times

Firstly, our work for MoneySavingExpert was recognised by the Apple App Store as ‘App of the Day’...(see, I told you we produced quality stuff).

Described as “...your financial fairy godparent”, this app is something we’re immensely proud of. At a time of economic uncertainty for many of us, this app provides millions of users with smart deals; the ability to better track and monitor personal finances; whilst helping to identify any sneaky subscriptions that might be draining an individual's bank account.

All in all, it’s an example of where xDesign has created a digital product that is actually making a difference in people’s lives day-to-day. It also shows how the products we produce fully embody our people-centric values too.

Massive congratulations to all involved!

And, as if that wasn’t enough…

A Great Place to Work

We all know that xDesign is the best tech company in the UK to work for, right?

Well, if you won’t take my word for it, then take that of impartial big hitters Great Place to Work. This week, it positioned xDesign at number one - yes, that’s right, NUMBER ONE - in its list of the UK Best Workplaces in Tech 2022.

As a fairly new xDesigner, I’m not sure I can take any credit, but what I can do is tell you how deserved this recognition is based on my four months in post.

Many in the sector may ask how a company that was 19th in the ‘small companies’ category last year, has propelled itself to the number one spot in the next category up. Well, let me tell you…In a nutshell, it's the result of having a solid vision and approach that is actually centred on people - not one that deludes itself into thinking it’s people-centric. It’s the result of having an outstanding team of People Partners in place to channel, guide and support the amazing talent we have here at xDesign. And, it's also the result of having a company of people who bring every fibre of their being to work; who get on with the job in-hand and produce high-quality results like those we discussed at the beginning of this wee blog.

If that’s not enough to convince you that we’ve got a thriving hive of positive action here at xDesign, then I’ll let you get back to some media doom scrolling.

If you’re feeling inspired and think you’d like to come and work at xDesign, then hit us up here.