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Five ways a cloud-first approach could supercharge your AI aspirations

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to play an even bigger role as a fundamental component for business growth.

Although AI has endured many surges and so-called ‘winters’ in the last five decades or so, it's very definitely here to stay in 2023 as a catalyst for innovation and growth within businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors.  

However, what’s the key to unlocking the technology’s multitude of benefits? Where do you start when it comes to building the right digital infrastructure to support its transformative power?

The answer? Cloud technology. 

In this article, we’ll explore five reasons why any company with AI aspirations needs to seriously consider a cloud-first approach. 

1. The right computing power when you do (and don’t) need it

Consider the scalability of cloud technology as a strategic advantage for those AI projects that require high levels of computing power. Cloud technology offers a scalable solution that aligns with your business’s evolving requirements - meaning you can scale your AI operations up and down to suit your organisation's needs. This adaptability ensures that you can scale your AI operations without the constraints of traditional hardware.

2. Better financial foresight for powerful AI

Cost management is a critical aspect of any business strategy - even more so when it comes to utilising AI. Transitioning to a cloud-based digital infrastructure when it comes to supporting your AI operations can not only be a smart move but a more cost-effective one. 

Moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure via the cloud will enable you to access more flexible financial planning, enabling your business to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in key areas for growth - AI operations are likely to be a big priority for companies in the foreseeable future.

3. Collaboration: One of the key benefits of a cloud-first strategy

Cloud technology facilitates unprecedented levels of collaboration. It enables seamless integration and coordination among different departments, ensuring that AI initiatives are aligned with overall business goals - a critical aspect if you’re to reap the rewards on offer. This heightened collaborative environment created by cloud not only accelerates innovation but also ensures that AI deployments are more effective and aligned with business needs.

4. Advanced Data Management: The Foundation of AI Success

Data is the lifeblood of any AI initiative or project. Luckily, cloud technology offers robust data storage solutions, providing the backbone for sophisticated AI models. The cloud’s advanced data management capabilities ensure that data is not only secure but also structured in a way that is readily accessible for AI processing. This leads to the development of more accurate and reliable AI applications, enhancing decision-making processes.

5. Leverage the latest AI tools through modern cloud infrastructure

Cloud providers continuously upgrade their services with the latest AI tools and technologies. By leveraging cloud technology, your enterprise gains instant access to cutting-edge AI resources, maintaining a competitive edge in the market. This continuous access to innovation reduces the need for frequent hardware updates, keeping your focus on strategic business outcomes.

As these five points clearly highlight, cloud technology is not just an enabler but a strategic driver for your AI ambitions and aspirations. By integrating cloud computing (and taking a cloud-first approach), your enterprise can achieve scalable growth, financial efficiency, enhanced collaboration, superior data management, and access to the latest in AI advancements. 

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