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Cloud done the xDesign way

Meet Jamie Shields, xDesign’s Head of Cloud.

In the short video below, he’s going to talk to you about our distinctive approach to cloud - highlighting how our expertise, approach to collaboration, and customer-focused strategies can positively transform your digital infrastructure.

As you’ll see, we’re also big believers that every cloud solution we deliver should align with your unique business objectives in order to put you on the right path to growth.

However, it’s not just about migration. Jamie will discuss how security is critical in today’s digital world, and talk about how we safeguard you and your customers via a 'security-first' mindset which permeates all aspects of our work to protect your cloud environment.

Jamie will talk about how cloud isn’t a ‘set and forget’ solution that can simply be switched on to deliver value. He’ll suggest that all cloud success stories are built on continuous monitoring and regular optimisation - as well as the support of a digital consultancy and delivery partner.

So, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

x in cloud form
If you’re keen to start your own cloud journey, download our latest guide or get in touch with Jamie Shields, xDesign’s Head of Cloud via the contact information below:
Email, or to book a call with him, click the link here.