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Data alone can’t build great organisational culture - but it certainly helps

As the self-styled disruptor of the brewing industry, Brewdog, recently launched what it calls its ‘transparency dashboard’, our very own chief people officer (CPO), Ciji Duncan, shared her thoughts with HR Magazine on the brewer's approach, and how the use of data and tech can help in building great cultures but isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Although she sees Brewdog publishing its employee survey score in the public domain as an interesting experiment, she looks to reinforce that good old-fashioned human interaction can’t simply be replaced by data when it comes to finding out about the needs of those individuals working in a company.

As she states in her article:

“In our own experience, we use our initial digital interactions with people to better inform our personal interactions. In essence, we use the data and insight we gather, to enhance the value and effectiveness of the conversations we have with people in the real world.”

Read Ciji’s latest article in full here.