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Five Questions with an Matt Ward and Callum Robinson: Head of Leeds and Talent Acquisition Partner

We have a great team working together here at xDesign: our people (working on-site and remotely!) are fun, intelligent, driven, and make our company an exciting, friendly place to be.

In this “Meet n’ Greet” series, we’ll introduce you to some of the incredible people working at xDesign who help us drive our growth and success, every day. This week, we’re highlighting head of Leeds, Matt Ward, and talent acquisition partner, Callum Robinson, two of our Leeds-based team members. Read on to learn about what their roles involve, their passion for the growing Leeds tech community, and their one-word descriptions of xDesign!

1. First things first! What is your role at xDesign and how long have you been with the company?

Matt: I’m the head of Leeds, and I’ve been with xDesign since August of 2020.

Callum: I’m a talent acquisition partner. I started in August of this year, so I’ve been with the company for about three months now.

2. What’s your professional background & what led you here?

Matt: I’ve worked in innovation delivery for a number of years across different industry sectors - primarily Financial Services in the UK and US. I’ve worked in corporations such as Direct Line and RBS, and I’ve been a consultant in a small innovation business before working within one of the “Big Four” consultancies. I’ve always been driven by the desire to turn great ideas into a reality, and xDesign does that by fusing problem solving skills with engineering excellence. It’s a great combination, and it means that we can approach client’s challenges and take them from concept to execution with complete confidence - it’s a refreshing change for me, professionally, and I’ve loved being part of the journey here. Callum: I’ve worked within external recruitment agencies since 2017. I knew that I wanted to work in-house as a dedicated recruiter for a business that would help me feel more fulfilled and satisfied in my role. xDesign is my first step into that world. So far, so good!

3. What’s involved in your day-to-day role?

Matt: As we continue our growth throughout the UK, my role is to identify opportunities to work with ambitious digital businesses that share our values, particularly in the North of England. Leading our business from this region means that I create a focal point for people who want to work with us - as clients or colleagues - and generally aim to increase awareness of who we are, and what we do. Callum: Mostly, I spend my time reaching out to talented software engineers and product designers to discuss the great opportunities here at xDesign. I also coordinate with our engineering and design teams to arrange interviews and ensure the people we’re reaching out to are having the best possible candidate journey.

4. What’s something you’re passionate about when it comes to your work?

Matt: I’m passionate about building relationships. Collaborating with customers and challenging them (and ourselves!) to achieve more for their business is one of my favourite parts of the work that I do. It’s made even better by the fact that xDesign deeply cares about our customers and their customers - we really try to add as much value as possible to each and every project we undertake.

Callum: I’m passionate about building my technical and design knowledge. It’s crucial for me to have a strong foundation of the roles I’m speaking with people about, so I’m always working to stay on top of trends and learn as much as possible about the fields I work within. I’m also passionate about bringing events to the Leeds tech community, especially as it emerges from the pandemic. Getting people together to discuss what they’re passionate about just might be what I’m most passionate about!

5. Describe xDesign in one word.

Matt: Transformative.

Callum: Dynamic. Come join the team - visit xDesign Careers.