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Five Questions with Nick Callaghan: Product Manager

We have a great team working together here at xDesign: our people (working on-site and remotely) are fun, intelligent, driven and make our company an exciting, friendly place to be.

In this “Meet n’ Greet” series, we’ll introduce you to some of the incredible people working at xDesign who help us drive our growth and success, every day. This week, we’re highlighting our Edinburgh-based product manager, Nick Callaghan. Read on to learn about how he made the move from hospitality to digital, his passion for client delivery and his one-word description of xDesign!

1. First things first! What is your role at xDesign and how long have you been with the company?

I’m a product manager at xDesign and have been with the company since September 2021.

2. What’s your professional background & what led you here?

Having spent most of my childhood tinkering with computers, my interest in technology started at an early age. After leaving high school, I went onto a computer science degree but left around the halfway mark to pursue a career in hospitality, and I ended up managing a nightclub. I went on to run a number of bars and restaurants over a 20-year period where I was heavily involved in using technology to streamline business processes, including bookings, HR and procurement systems. Around four years ago I decided to transition into a career in IT, initially getting a job as a product owner at Zonal. They built solutions for the hospitality industry, which I was familiar with, but I had no idea how the software was actually built. After around three years of developing my product management skills and working on quite a few different products, I decided it was time to apply what I’d learned to other industries. Having worked with xDesign as a customer whilst at Zonal, I was really impressed with the people and thought it looked like a great place to work, so I applied.

3. What’s involved in your day-to-day role?

My role sits at the intersection of users, business and technology. It involves working with clients to discover what they want to build and then working with our cross functional delivery teams to make it happen. My day to day can be quite varied but usually includes speaking to clients and users to understand their needs and goals, working with the delivery teams to refine the product backlog, and contributing to product team objectives.

4. What’s something you’re passionate about when it comes to your work?

Delivering solutions which solve real problems and improve the lives of their users.

5. Describe xDesign in one word.


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