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Five Questions with Parul Singh: Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

We have a great team working together here at xDesign: our team (working on-site and remotely) are full of fun, intelligent, driven people who make our company an exciting, friendly place to be.

In this “Meet n’ Greet” series, we’ll introduce you to some of the incredible people working at xDesign who help us drive our growth and success, every day.

This week, we’re highlighting our senior talent acquisition partner, Parul Singh.

Read on to learn about how she changed career fields, her role as xDesigns Neurodiversity Advocate, and her one word description of xDesign!

1. First things first! What is your role at xDesign and how long have you been with the company?

I’m a senior talent acquisition partner and I’ve been with the company since March 2022.

2. What’s your professional background & what led you here?

I’ve had a bit of a random journey to the role I’m in now. I graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Chemistry, though I knew that wasn’t really the industry I wanted to work in. After randomly applying to any grad jobs I could find I ended up starting my career in Tech Recruitment. After a few years I was yearning for something more as I felt that agency recruitment was quite transactional and I wanted to make more of an impact in my job.

This is what led me to joining xDesign through an introduction from our amazing CPTO, Jeff Watkins. The process was turned around in four working days and I was faced with a difficult decision, but ultimately my gut was telling me that xDesign is the place I was meant to be. I didn’t even feel like I was being interviewed and it felt like a two-way process where it was also very important for me to find out if xDesign was the right fit for me.

Joining xDesign has been the best career decision I’ve ever made. It almost felt too good to be true but it has exceeded my expectations. The supportive environment, learning opportunities and ability to make an impact are second to none!

3. What’s involved in your day-to-day role?

My role is very varied which works really well for my ADHD. I strategically source for our technical roles, work closely with my internal stakeholders on our hiring requirements and priorities, conduct our first stage interviews and manage the candidate process all the way through.

I place a lot of importance on creating a great candidate experience by ensuring I’m a reliable and supportive point of contact and being informative and transparent about what it’s like working at xDesign

xDesign is excellent at identifying an individual's strengths so my manager has helped me incorporate my interests and experience in networking and technical community engagement, so a portion of my role is focussed around that which means I also spend time on recruitment marketing, events and various other employer proposition initiatives.

4. What’s something you’re passionate about when it comes to your work?

As a neurodivergent woman from an ethnic minority, making an impact on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in tech is something I really care about because it’s something that affects me on a regular basis. I believe that achieving equality in tech requires a conscious effort, continuous education and working with others who have a similar vision. That’s why I’m really glad I work at a company that genuinely supports DEI, and isn’t just ticking a box.

In July I became xDesigns Neurodiversity Advocate, which involves working closely with our People team on internal initiatives, working closely with our interviewer panels to ensure our hiring process is inclusive from a neurodiversity perspective, and being an external advocate through my platforms.

5. Describe xDesign in one word.

I have to pick just one?! Okay, I’d definitely go for nurturing!

Interested in joining the team? We have a range of opportunities which you can view and apply for here.