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How a CPTO creates meaningful digital products

Although a relatively new role in the world of business, a chief product and technology officer plays a key part in a hyper-digital world.

Ensuring tech is high quality, highly functional and intuitive for the end user are all key factors of the role a CPTO plays.

In an article with Information Age, Jeff Watkins shares his insight on how he has brought together the two worlds of product and technology, the shift in understanding the user experience and the importance of working collaboratively with your team.

As he states in his article:

“CPTOs are the fulcrum that can prevent product and tech teams from falling into delivering naval-gazing work that is ultimately inefficient, costly, and irrelevant once released into the real world. However, the CPTO is not a silver bullet replacement for talented product and tech leaders — senior leadership in both is still needed to steer organisations from a project to a more effective product-led approach.”

Read the full article here.