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Some food, some thought, and some great conversation about Scotland’s tech success

At xDesign we’re in no doubt that the buzz is back in the local tech sector after an uncertain couple of years.

Perhaps we would say this having reached some outstanding milestones in our own growth story over the last year and a half - our new partnership with FanDuel being a fairly thick layer of icing on the proverbial xDesign cake.

However, our hunch was recently confirmed officially too by ScotlandIS on the release of its annual Scottish Technology Industry Survey results (not the sexiest of report names, but it does what it says on the tin, right?!).

The headline figures of the report show that Scotland’s tech sector has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels of growth. According to the data, the nation is now home to 3,900 digital technology companies, with 100,000 people working in sector related roles. As a result, the nation is now the third-highest for tech employment in the UK after the South-East and London, with Scottish tech firms raising £446m in venture capital funding alone in the first three quarters of 2021.

So far, so good…but wait…

….unsurprisingly the report also alludes to the fact that Scotland - like the rest of the UK - isn’t immune to digital skills shortages. In fact, it states that skills and talent in the sector are the biggest barrier to growth.

Although there’s lots of good news, there’s clearly still some thinking and work to be done to ensure the sector’s growth continues well past 2022.

Some food, and some thought at Turing Fest 2022

To round-off day one of this year’s Turing Festival, we’re teaming up with FanDuel to not only celebrate the great success of our thriving tech sector, but to get the conversation going about where our sector is heading and what it needs to do in order to fulfil its true potential as a global tech destination.

Whilst enjoying some American-style culinary delights, guests will be able to meet some like-minded individuals from Scotland’s tech scene to discuss anything from, narrowing the nation’s digital skills gap; creating the right cultures for technologists to thrive within; right down to what the right ingredients are for creating high-performance engineering teams.

We’re proud of the tech community we exist in and want everyone to enjoy an evening of great food, great drink, and even greater conversation!

The event will be held in Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh’s city centre on 27 July at 5:30pm.

To book your place or for more details, visit our eventbrite page.