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Why QA teams are more than just gatekeepers

Making sure digital products and services are up to scratch is vital - particularly in a world where you get one shot at launching them in the public domain.

Get a few bad reviews and you've got a potential crisis on your hands before you've even properly kicked things off.

Enter the Quality Assurance (QA) team.

In his latest article for tech publication, IDG Connect, our very own Head of QA, Paul Alexander, talks about why QA shouldn't just be called upon once a digital product is built. He talks about how it's vital that QA is interwoven into every important juncture of a product development lifecycle. Dispelling the myth that QA is only the endpoint in the product lifecycle, Paul demonstrates how QA teams can support development teams in seeing a client brief more clearly, whilst helping them to connect with and solve the right problems.

Give it a read, it's quality (no pun intended!)

Read the full article here.