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Engineering Campus

Learn the digital practices of our engineering capabilities. You’ll dive into the frameworks and languages we use, work within cross-functional teams, and find out where your engineering interests lie.

Graduate programme

Our graduate programme is a 12-month learning and development programme for emerging talent. As an integral part of the xDesign team from day one, our graduates will learn the ins and outs of digital practices, giving them everything they need to kick start their careers in tech.

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graduates meeting

Our graduates in action

Two xDesign graduates having a conversation

The amount of technical growth I’ve had and the amount of growth in soft skills has been outstanding. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both the front end and the back end and I’ve also dipped my toes in cloud. Overall I’d say it’s been amazing.

Internship programme

Our 12-week, project-based internship programme is an experiential learning initiative. You’ll gain insight into being part of a digital agency, and all about life at xDesign, including our graduate programmes.

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internship meeting

Our interns experience

Two xDesign interns sitting next to each other looking at a laptop

The team was very welcoming and definitely created a comfortable environment for interns to openly discuss ideas and have conflicts. I love how there is no hierarchy within the team and everyone equally respects each others opinions


Join our team of chief storytellers, and facilitate marketing activity both internally and externally through a number of exciting projects. You’ll learn the ins and outs of content creation, events management, public relations and more.


As a people graduate, you’ll work collaboratively across the key disciplines of our people function, from talent acquisition to people development. You’ll gain hands-on experience in supporting a number of exciting projects across the business.


Our Product programme aims to develop your understanding across Product Management, Business Analysis and Product Design; focussing on building out your craft and your ability to deliver for clients and demonstrating the xDesign values.