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Protecting millions of global passengers with one app

"xDesign has a superb team that brought not only flair and imagination to two difficult situations but also an ability to deliver products that met our specifications and impressed the end user."

The story

Since 1833, Menzies Aviation has grown to become a key partner in the global aviation industry. It provides time-critical logistics, including cargo handling and passenger services, in more than 250 locations across 58 countries. With a 40,000-strong workforce, Menzies Aviation delivers around-the-clock services to ensure it keeps people moving both inside and outside the aircraft. With health and safety a critical priority in the aviation sector, Menzies Aviation approached xDesign to revolutionise its largely paper-based processes and go digital - a move that would speed up its data reporting and reduce errors.   

What we created

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We led Menzies through our in-depth Design and Discovery workshops - working with its health and safety, IT, and operations teams to gain insight and ensure all were aligned. The team also spent time on the ground at Heathrow and Edinburgh airports to grasp how health and safety operations were run. This uncovered several operational and process improvements that would benefit from a digital overhaul.

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Based on our discovery work, we quickly designed and tested a new solution that generated inspections on-demand with fewer routine questions. It created far better quality data and insight at the inspection level and helped to showcase trends across the entire business. In addition, we built out a dedicated inspection app for the company’s largely mobile workforce. This enhanced reporting and unlocked the ability for photos and GPS recordings to be uploaded for more detailed real-time inspections.



We saw an opportunity to further streamline the way the business operates. To increase efficiency, we interfaced the app with an existing API to enrich the system’s data and easily export it to custom dashboards. We also integrated it with the additional corporate services the team already used - for example, Single Sign-On via Azure ADFS for user management and control. Our work meant that we empowered employees to spend less time on admin and place more focus on their jobs.

Key outcomes

Within just 12 months of the app’s implementation, Menzies performed over 500,000 inspections and found that it had the lowest-ever number of high-priority safety issues reported. A clear sign the app was effective.