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Revolutionising hospitality management with cutting-edge digital solutions

“Working with xDesign has breathed fresh confidence into our business. They’re not just our digital delivery partner, they’re an extension of our team.”

The story

Zonal, the UK’s largest hospitality software and hardware provider, recognised the need for innovative solutions in the wake of global industry changes. With the hospitality sector facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the Pandemic, it aimed to stay ahead by evolving its technology offerings. The company turned to xDesign to develop a next-generation suite of products that would set new standards in the industry.

What we created



Embracing Zonal's vision for the future, xDesign collaborated closely to shape and craft the next generation of Zonal's digital products. This collaboration focused on aligning short-term delivery with long-term strategic goals. Together, we worked meticulously on crafting cutting-edge digital products, each designed to not only meet the current market demands, but also to pave the way for future innovations. The synergy between short-term deliverables and long-range planning was crucial to ensure the enduring relevance and impact of Zonal’s technology solutions.



Recognising the fast-paced nature of the hospitality industry, xDesign implemented a rapid prototyping approach. This agile methodology was pivotal in the development of Zonal’s POS (Point of Sale) app to ensure it not only met, but exceeded customer expectations in both functionality and user experience. By iteratively testing and refining the app, our team could swiftly adapt to feedback, enhance its features, and improve its usability. This strategy also allowed for rapid deployment of updates and improvements, which is crucial when responding to the ever-evolving demands of the industry.



The team undertook a significant overhaul of Zonal’s core platform, Aztec 2, targeting a major enhancement of its overall functionality and user experience. This overhaul was centred around refining user interactions, making them more intuitive and streamlined. The aim was to create a unified interface that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but also facilitated effortless navigation and operation for users. This redesign also ensured that Aztec 2 would offer seamless, efficient service across the diverse range of Zonal’s client services, thereby elevating the platform to new standards of operational excellence in the hospitality industry.



In addition to delivering cutting-edge software solutions, xDesign significantly contributed to upskilling Zonal’s engineering teams to ensure they had the capabilities required for independent management, evolution, and maintenance of its tech stack. By imparting crucial skills and knowledge, we ensured that Zonal’s team could not only operate the newly developed tech efficiently but also adapt and evolve it in line with changing market demands. This strategic empowerment supports Zonal's commitment to continuous innovation and maintaining technological leadership in the hospitality sector.

Key outcomes

- Developed a multifunctional POS app in just three months - Advanced Zonal's rapid prototyping capabilities and processes - Enhanced Zonal’s internal team’s skills, knowledge, and processes for sustained tech excellence - Delivered significant improvements to Zonal’s core platform, Aztec 2, with a more unified and intuitive user interface

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