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Meeting hyperscale demand to become #1 in America

“We have been continually impressed with xDesign throughout our relationship to date…”

“xDesign’s people-first approach, technical pedigree, and superb track record of delivery to rapidly scaling companies provides us with a relationship to be envied by others in the sector. The boom of our tech sector is undeniable, and we believe this partnership provides fantastic support and supplements the work our world-class teams do.”

The story

Originally founded in Edinburgh, FanDuel Group (now part of Flutter Entertainment) is a company that is harnessing technology to innovate the sports betting industry to make it more engaging, more entertaining, and safer for players.

The company has seen explosive growth in demand for its gambling games and services - fuelled by the loosening of sports betting legalisation across a number of major U.S. states.

To seize the huge market opportunity on offer, FanDuel needed a reliable delivery partner to support it in scaling its digital operations at pace, without compromising on the quality of its already brilliant in-house capability.

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What we created



Given the enormity of the commercial opportunity on offer for FanDuel, xDesign quickly supported by supplying three specialist engineering teams in the space of two months. In the space of just two years xDesign now has 150 team members working across five different verticals, all of whom support in delivering FanDuel’s software engineering, design, and product management requirements in a fast-paced market.



xDesign has supported FanDuel to scale and reach its growth aspirations across a range of its verticals including its sportsbook, wallet, and account services. One way we’ve done this is by providing it with the tools it needs to manage operations across multiple states and time zones. For example, our work with its Fraud and Trading team saw us develop tools that allow it to assert safe gambling practices, geo-compliance and fraud detection in real time, giving it the controls it needs to take immediate action.



As part of our long term partnership with FanDuel, we’ve not only supported by providing the high quality digital talent it needs to realise its ambitions but helped it to build teams that have the increased agility, skills and knowledge it needs to grow quickly. This has even extended to supporting it with the optimisation of workflows and agile delivery approaches that all hyperscale companies need.



xDesign’s relationship with FanDuel has been so successful that we’ve recently embarked on a programme of work to help the organisation scale its operations in Canada. We’ve supported in scoping FanDuel’s needs, and are now delivering its entire transformation programme in the region. Our relationship with FanDuel perfectly demonstrates how xDesign can support in delivering not only capability and capacity but also business value when it's needed the most.

Key outcomes

- Quickly provided the specialist engineers FanDuel needed to meet lucrative opportunities in the U.S sports betting market - Bolstered its fraud detection, safe gambling, and geo-compliance capabilities - allowing it to take more control when it comes to real-time operations - Provided the approaches and knowledge it needs to continue its growth at pace

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